Marlborough Boys’ College encourages pride in appearance. Wearing the regulation uniform is compulsory and a condition of enrolment.

We appreciate your support to ensure that the uniform is worn correctly, and that boys of the College always conform to a standard of dress that will bring credit to themselves, and to the College.  

The following school rules apply to appearance:

  • Correct school uniform is to be worn, to, from and while in school.  

  • Hair is to be kept clean and tidy. Only natural colours are permitted.

  • Students are to be clean-shaven.  

  • No visible jewellery, except one small ear stud may be worn

  • Students may wear a taonga around their necks underneath their shirts.

Physical Education uniform

The Physical Education uniform is compulsory for Years 9 - 11. It is to be purchased from the PTA shop at the college.

Pupils are encouraged to wear sports shoes for inside and outdoor activities. For gymnasium use they must be clean and non-marking. On cold days students may wear their college jersey and/or college jacket over the correct Physical Education uniform.