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Marlborough Boys’ College encourages pride in appearance. Wearing the regulation uniform is compulsory and a condition of enrolment.

2024 will see the introduction of a new uniform at Marlborough Boys' College.

This is a result of two years of consultation with the whole school community. We have been working to contract a new supplier and make improvements to the uniform based on the feedback from the consultation.  Comfort, durability and affordability were the key issues raised in the feedback.  This is also an opportunity to re-establish our expectations around wearing the correct school uniform. 

As of 2024 all new year 9 students will be wearing the new uniform. If your son is in Year 10 or 11 next year (2024) then he can continue to wear the current school uniform. As students outgrow their uniform, they can replace it with the new uniform items. Please see below the uniform items. 

Year 9, 10 and 11 Uniform

  • MBC school polo (grey with MBC crest)

  • MBC school shorts (charcoal)

  • MBC school trousers (charcoal)

  • MBC socks (navy blue with gold MBC text)

There are also changes for students who are transitioning into Year 12 in 2024. The major difference is the change in shorts. From 2024 senior students will also be in charcoal shorts (the same as the junior shorts). Those going into Y12 will be able to wear their charcoal shorts next year. Those students moving to Y13 can still war the tan shorts. Tan shorts will be transitioned out of the next 2 years. There is also a change in the polo as we move to a more lightweight durable fabric. Again, students can still wear the current navy-blue polo. 

Year 12, and 13 Uniform

  • ​MBC school polo (navy-blue with MBC crest)

  • MBC school shorts (charcoal)

  • MBC school trousers (charcoal)

  • MBC socks (navy-blue with gold MBC text)

Formal Uniform

  • MBC school blazer (navy-blue with MBC crest)

  • MBC school tie (navy-blue with gold stripes)

  • White long -sleeved shirt (there is an MBC option)

  • MBC school trousers (charcoal)

  • MBC Sulu (charcoal)

  • Black leather style dress shoes (either laced or slip-on) 


From 2024 there will be a range of outer garments  available to wear.

  • MBC athletic 1/4 zip top (navy-blue with MBC crest) 

       Again, if your son already has a jersey then they can continue to wear them. ​

  • MBC softshell jacket (navy-blue with MBC crest) introduced in 2020.

  • MBC outer shell jacket (navy-blue with MBC crest) new in 2024

Please note that from next year only Year 13 students will be permitted to wear black puffer jackets.  As these were removed in 2020 the expectation is that students have moved to an MBC softshell jacket. 


As of 2024, we will be introducing a new navy-blue MBC sock. Students may wear the current navy-blue sock or the new MBC version. Any other sock will not be permitted. 

Footwear - All footwear must be black.

Students are required to wear the following footwear.

  • Black sport shoes, with black soles, logos and laces or velcro

  • Black leather shoes with black laces or slip-on.

  • Black sandals with back strap (Roman Sandals) or Black "Birkenstock" style sandals.

  • Sandals are to be worn without socks.

The following footwear IS  acceptable.

The following footwear IS NOT  acceptable.

Please note that the uniform shop does not sell footwear. If you are not sure whether footwear is acceptable or not, please check with the school before purchasing. 

The uniform shop will not be trading in old uniforms apart from Blazers. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Uniform Shop.

We appreciate your support to ensure that the uniform is worn correctly, and that boys of the College always conform to a standard of dress that will bring credit to themselves, and to the College.  

The following school rules apply to appearance:

·    Correct school uniform is to be worn, to, from and while in school.  

·    Hair is to be kept clean and tidy. Only natural colours are permitted.

·    Students are to be clean-shaven.  

·    No visible jewellery, except one small ear stud may be worn.

·    Students may wear a taonga around their necks underneath their shirts.

·    School hats are not to be worn inside.


​The Marlborough Boys’ College Uniform Shop stocks the full uniform requirements, excluding shoes.

This shop is located on the main school block on Stephenson Street opposite Carvell Street. Please contact the uniform shop manager for up to date pricing on items. Contact us

Opening hours


1.30pm - 4pm


11am - 2.30pm


4:30pm-7:30pm (Terms 1 and 4)

3.30pm - 6.30pm (Terms 2 and 3)


9am - 12.30pm

If paying online please use the following Bank Account Number: 12-3167-0143330-00 and include your child's full name as the reference.

Financial assistance is available . Please collect a form from the front office or uniform shop. Alternatively you can complete the online form by clicking on the button below.

If you have any questions please Contact us

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