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Become a homestay family

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Become a homestay family

In past years we have hosted International students from our sister school Jissen Gakuen in Tokyo Japan, and short and long stay International students from Germany, China, Korea, Thailand and Japan, including exchange students from France and Austria.

For the duration of their stay, International students live with homestay families in our school community.


Some Host families mentioned the impressive degree to which their students had formed bonds with them. This was evident in the tears shed when saying goodbye as the students departed at different times during the year.


Marlborough Boys’ College are grateful for the effort and initiative shown by our host families to engage with their host sons, they go above and beyond to communicate and connect with these young men despite language barriers. They also provide adventurous experiences such as beach and boat trips, fishing, hiking and hot pools!


Our Kiwi host brothers and class buddies take their responsibilities incredibly seriously. They showed leadership and kindness, making sure International students are welcomed and accepted into our school culture. And also, how to have fun!


A large part of the international students’ enjoyment of their time here is the time spent in class. We look forward to hosting more students now that student can return to New Zealand.
Jissen Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan and MBC along with MGC have been sister schools since July 2001 and have established a relationship of mutual trust.


This yearly exchange from our sister school in Tokyo usually takes place from August to September each year for a 10 day Summer School programme that also requires host families.  

If you would like to become a Homestay host family who can provide a comfortable, safe and welcoming temporary home to visiting International Students at Marlborough Boys’ College in the future you can apply by contacting our Homestay Coordinator at the following email address


A weekly financial payment is made and all Homestay hosts are required to complete police vetting.

Our International Homestay Coordinator would make contact with you to arrange a short visit to your home one evening/weekend to undertake an on-site assessment that you are able to provide a safe physical and emotional environment.  We will need to see your normal day to day living arrangements and have a brief discussion with you about hosting. 


There are several Agreements to complete before being accepted as a Homestay Host family for Marlborough Boys' College:

  1. Application to provide Homestay Host accommodation - confidential  - to be completed personally by the applicant

  2. Homestay Placement Agreement

  3. Host Family Agreement with Conditions and Requirements

  4. NZ Host Family Profile Information

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