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OTA Scholarship

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The OTA Scholarship was made possible initially by the generous gift of Mr T Ota on the occasion of his retirement as Headmaster of our Japanese sister school in Tokyo, Jissen Gakuen Junior and Senior High School.

Mr Ota’s gift was to enable students from Marlborough Boys' College and Marlborough Girls’ College to visit Jissen Gakuen each year.


The scholarship is now also supported from resources generated by the annual Jissen Gakuen one-week exchange to NZ. It was his hope that this would deepen the friendship between Jissen Gakuen and Marlborough Boys' College and Marlborough Girls’ College.

The Students experience a very different way of life compared to New Zealand. Their days were packed full of school, immersing themselves in Japanese culture, and sight-seeing.


The Jissen Gakuen staff are very generous with their time, effort to please and gift giving. The programmes set out for the students include whole class involvement. Most of the classes are planned to help the Jissen Gakuen students with their English. The Japanese students are curious and very interested in New Zealand.

This Scholarship experience is invaluable to learn about how different other cultures can be and the importance to support other International students while attending MBC.


There have been many years of exchanges, and we are delighted to be able to return to our Sister School in Toyko once again.

The scholarship is available to MBC Year 9 and 10 junior students.


MBC International had a positive start to this year with the return of the OTA Scholarship to our sister school Jissen Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan. Two MBC and Two MGC students, along with a teacher from MGC teacher travelled to Japan in June.


Nathan Brooke-Taylor and Ted Small represented the Boys’ College after winning the scholarship to Jissen Gakuen, Miss Jenny Pullins from MGC had the honour of accompanying the OTA recipients to our sister school.

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