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The Gateway Programme is a responsive framework funded by the Ministry of Education to enable secondary school students to access structured workplace learning.

The fund is designed to support school students' transition into the workforce by offering them workplace learning while at secondary school. We have a portfolio of over 200 local employers who support the Marlborough Boys’ College Gateway Programme.

Schools have a good deal of autonomy as to what they can deliver, but there is a government expectation that each student involved in the programme will gain 20 credits towards their National Certificate of Educational Achievement.


We achieve the best for our students by having an individualised programme targeted to the student’s needs and to the industry they are working in.

All our Gateway students are in a course of study called Career Development. In this class students must pass compulsory standards before going to work. These are selected to give the student an overview of health and safety, employer expectations and a career pathway in the industry of their choice. When the compulsory standards are completed, students select industry-based Unit Standards that relate the job they are doing. We need to buy these standards from ITOs (Industry Training Organisations) and external providers.

All our Gateway students are involved in Driver Education. We fund this by using a grant from the Employment Support Marlborough Trust. Our aim is for every student to have their restricted licence before they leave school to go to employment.


Our aim with the programme is a smooth transition from Secondary School to meaningful work and/or further training. Students, at the end of their placement, will be given assistance to find employment, enrol for training or return to College.

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