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Student Testimonials

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Kawin Boonset - Thailand

My time in Marlborough Boys was perfect. I have learned a lot, made some new friends, and had a lot of fun. I enjoyed studying in Marlborough Boys College so much. What I enjoyed the most is cooking class and woodwork because it is different from what I studied in Bangkok. I also enjoyed talking to all my friends and playing with them every day. What I didn't enjoy while being here is doing all the bookwork and all the written work.. My favourite subject is hospitality because I like cooking and I want to be a chef in the future. I really enjoyed my time being here in Marlborough Boys and I loved studying in this school. I will never forget what I have learnt here. Hopefully, I can come and visit sometime.

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Naoto Habu - Japan

What I enjoyed studying at MBC was to meet a lot of people from different countries to study difference cultures and to speak English with my friends.  When I first came here, I couldn't speak English at all but, as I spoke English with my friends and my family, I became more confident to communicate and understand what was happening around me.

Shinji - Japan

NZ was the first country I visited. I was nervous and excited when I got to the airport in Blenheim but there was no time for me to be nervous because as soon as I met my host family, I realized that I’m in an English-speaking country. They don’t understand my language. I couldn’t understand my host family and I didn’t even know the way to show them that I wasn’t understanding. All I could do was to say “yes” to everything they said. Luckily , my host family were used to exchange students, so they knew how to treat me. They had many relatives coming to their place and that helped me to talk to different people in English. My host family was one of the biggest reasons I came back to NZ for a second year. My aim for the second year was to study academic English for IELTS which I will need for applying for Universities in England. Since I focused on communication in the first year I really needed to study more. I studied as hard as possible; I could get points I needed. Football helped me a lot to know people, from here I met people who memorized my name for the first time. I am glad I started playing football. My English has improved more that I expected thanks to everyone I met here.

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