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It is essential that citizens in a democracy have the ability to take the lead when it is appropriate and/or necessary.

The skills of Leadership are able to be learned.

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One of our key Pou (pillars) at MBC is developing leadership both in and outside our school community. Right from Year 9 boys can get involved in the group behind which will help develop their leadership so they can “Become the best they can be”.

Expectations of a Marlborough Boys’ College Prefect:

  • A prefect is a leader at the college and is an important representative of the school.

  • A prefect is a guide and mentor to the students.

  • A prefect can work collaboratively and independently.

  • A prefect will be seen around the college particularly at interval and lunchtimes – engaging with and supporting the wider school community.

  • A prefect helps build and maintain high standards of behaviour and encourages our school community to achieve at a high level.

  • A prefect supports college values both in and out of the school.

  • A prefect will earn and have the respect of the students and staff.

  • A prefect will support fellow prefects and other leaders in their roles and activities.

  • A prefect will have specific areas of responsibility/focus and will be expected to formulate activities that will fit within the job description for that role.

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