Head Prefects

This council encourages and promotes academic excellence across all learning areas in the School.

They work with departments to try and raise academic success. Organise Homework club, They run House rafting comp, House Quiz comp, House Debating competition.

2022 Academic Council: Teacher in Charge: Rosanne Homewood. 

Reuben Dempster, Nathan Drury, James Fitzgerald, Matthew Hall, Mason Henderson, Dom Henry, Ben Johnson , Oscar Mason,

Rhys McWilliams, Alex Piddington, Leon Poswillo, Toby Randall, Flynn Ritchie, Ted Small, Hugh Straker.

It is essential that citizens in a democracy have the ability to take the lead when it is appropriate and/or necessary.

The skills of Leadership are able to be learned.

The skills of Leadership are able to be taught through a well-designed educational programme. 


It is a core function of an educational institution in a democracy to effectively teach the skills of leadership. 


The general approach to the teaching of Leadership skills at Marlborough Boys’ College will be to move the boys along a continuum from being dependent on the external enforcing of rules through having the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for their own behaviour to having the skills, personal attributes and knowledge necessary to enable them to positively influence others.

Leadership opportunities at MBC

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One of our key Pou (pillars) at MBC is developing leadership within our school community. Right from Year 9 boys can get involved in the group behind which will help develop their leadership so they can “Become the best they can be”.



Expectations of a Marlborough Boys’ College Prefect:

  • A prefect is a leader at the college and is an important representative of the school.

  • A prefect is a guide and mentor to the students.

  • A prefect can work collaboratively and independently.

  • A prefect will be seen around the college particularly at interval and lunchtimes – engaging with and supporting the wider school community.

  • A prefect helps build and maintain high standards of behaviour and encourages our school community to achieve at a high level.

  • A prefect supports college values both in and out of the school.

  • A prefect will earn and have the respect of the students and staff.

  • A prefect will support fellow prefects and other leaders in their roles and activities.

  • A prefect will have specific areas of responsibility/focus and will be expected to formulate activities that will fit within the job description for that role.

Heads of House Prefects

Academic Prefects

Sport Prefects

Cultural Prefects

RIPR Prefects

School Council

The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body. They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events and community projects. 
Main jobs:
•    Meeting is held once a week with council 
•    Coordinating and running Work day and distribution of funds raised from the work day 
•    Manage and Advertise one Mufti day per term.  
•    Feed forward student voice to Senior management team 
•    Other leadership roles and representative duties as required

You must submit an application to Head of Student council at the start of the year. This will be put in the student notices. This will follow with an interview with Head of student council. Council normally has around 15 members from a range of year groups.  
To received your student council badge you must have done two years in the council.

2022 Student Council: Joseph Alipia, Nathan Brooke-Taylor, Reuben Dempster, Kodi Dodson-Sinclair. Louis Girling, Charlie Howard,

Liam Keegan, Alex Lee, James Lindstrom, Devon Mackie, Joe May, Cameron McKenzie, Ethan McLeish, Patrick Milliken, Junior O'Brien,

Connor Pugh, Lukas Schroeder, Jack Shaw, Sanjiv Singh, Ted Small, James van Asch, Oliver Wakelin, Charlie Wilkin

Kaunihera (Council)

These councils oversee the promotion of these important Pou (pillars) at MBC. They do this by working with staff to encourage boys to be involved in there area and promote the successes that we have. They also run the House competitions in Pou and have a meeting once a fortnight. Once in a council for two years you are awarded you Pou Council badge 
You must submit an application to Head of council at the start of the year. This will be put in the student notices. This will follow with an interview with Head of Council and Teacher in Charge. Each Council normally has around 5/6 members from range of year groups.

RIPR Council

This council oversee MBC Values, make sure everything we do in the school sits within our school values.

They promote and explain our values reporting system to community and students. Help with the breakfast club and are on the Positive behaviour for learning committee (PB4L). They run House activities that relate to our school values and promote “giving back/service in the community”.


2022 RIPR Council: Teacher in Charge: Hayden Mahoney

Sam Hamilton, Paddy Godsiff, Charlie Wilkin, Dylan Guillemot, Ben Johnson, Jack Shaw, Jack Powell, Finn McNabb, Joe May

Cultural Council

The council oversees all cultural aspects of the college. This includes the Arts, Music, Kapa Haka, Pacifica group, and learning of the reo. They help with all cultural performances and prizegiving. They run the House Choir and House Haka events.

2022 Cultural Council: Teacher in Charge: Josh Harrison

Cameron McKenzie, Lakshay Negi, Tom Marshall, Bravo Obetaia, Adam Cairns, Riley Barrett, Xavier-Rae Caldwell, Lyriks Caldwell Matthew Hall.

Academic Council

Sport Council

This council oversee all the sporting opportunities at MBC. They promote and encourage students to get involved in sport. They run all the House sport competitions including athletics day, swimming sports, summer & winter fest and erg competition. Involved in organising the sport prizegiving.

2022 Sport Council: Teacher in Charge: Hamish McKerrow.

Cooper Roberts, Jimmy Morris, Jack Kelly, Lachlan McNabb, Ajay Gane, Charles Tupouto'a, Finn McKenzie, Jake Gane, Jude Richmond, Leo Marfel, Thomas Large, Will Flynn.

House rūnanga (committees)

Each of the four Houses have their own committees - Awatere, Ōpaoa, Wairau, Waihopai. The committees meet weekly to discuss how to promote their culture with their house. They run the House assemblies and organise their House teams for the House competition.

Awatere 2022 committee: Dom Henry, Riley Barrett, Albie Edmonds, Ben Pottinger.

Ōpaoa 2022 committee: Art Blom, 

Waihopai 2022 committee: Ayden Foster, Adam Cairns, Barend Lindeque, Scott Keay, David Potts, Alex Hansen, Kobi Ireland, Austin Thomas, Samuel Tapelu.

Wairau 2022 committee: Leon Poswillo-Mulitalo, Patrick Milliken, Liam Clamp, Joseph Sandford-Jury, Mason Henderson, 

Chris Hebberd, Fynn Hawes, Rico Chen, Alexander Craig.