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Welcome to Marlborough Boys' College

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the web home of Marlborough Boys’ College.

When you explore the site you will learn about what we do to help our students take the lead, learn to make effective choices and become Marlborough Men.

We promote self-discipline and encourage our students to recognise their responsibilities. We work to ensure that our students feel secure and know what is expected of them. Our staff encourage our students to become fully involved in the activities of the school. We provide cultural, sporting, leadership and extension activities. We ensure that the school and home co-operate in the achievement of our objectives.

We warmly invite you to contact us if you have questions. Enjoy your journey around our site.

Wayne Hegarty




Consultation on Blenheim Secondary Schooling

Mrs Kelly's Report has been made available for the school and wider communities.

Final Report to The Ministry of Education and the Boys' and Girls' Colleges' Boards of Trustees

As a result of Mrs Kelly's report, Education Minister Parata has released this document.

Options for Secondary Education in Blenheim 

Questions and Answers About the July 2 Consultation

Info on Options for public

Modern Learning Environments Website

The latest information for July 2 meeting is here:


Consultation Document

Marlborough Secondary Education Options Survey July

Q's & A's for Public Meeting 2 July 2014

Principal Hegarty's Presentation


The following survey will be used to assess feedback after the meeting:


An Important Report on Boys' Education



Boys schools media release


Outstanding Students


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